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Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

Bed, Bodie Ghost Town, California

Since I’ve had a great response to my last shot of Bodie Ghost Town in California, I thought I’d use another for this week’s photo challenge. I’m sure this bed has an incredible story to tell, but it will be forever shrouded in mystery. It epitomises the eerie feel of the abandoned mining town which in 1879 was home to around 7,000 people. Not that you would believe that looking at it today!

Unfortunately most of the 2,000 buildings that originally made up the town are no longer present. But the 170 that do remain provide a fascinating window into an exciting period of American history.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

Tuscan Countryside, Siena, Italy

My shot for this week’s photo challenge was taken in the Tuscan countryside, just outside of Siena in Italy. Since it was only a 10 minute walk from our villa I had been up in this area for a while waiting for the sun to appear so I could get some good shots. I got lucky as the sun just peeked out between the clouds for a few moments and lit up the yellows and greens of the landscape beautifully. I’m sure that Tuscany must have some of the best horizons on earth, with its distinctive cypress trees and historic hilltop towns. I can’t wait to go back some day!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite

Staircase, St. Stephen's Basilica, Budapest

Taken in Budapest at St Stephen’s Basilica, my shot for this week’s photo challenge gives the illusion of a staircase winding on to infinity. It’s not quite that long, but certainly feels like it’s never-ending when you’re half way up! The basilica itself is an incredible building and a must-see in Budapest. The circular viewing station around the outside of its cupola gives you a great bird’s-eye view of this fantastic Eastern European city.

I was tempted to change this image to black and white, but I love the orange glow that seems to get stronger as you wind down the staircase moving from natural to artificial light. It almost looks like you’re getting closer and closer to the earth’s core as you follow it to its end.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

Sunset, Loch Leven, Scotland

While my shot for this week’s photo challenge may have been taken at sunset, it’s one of the first things I see every morning. Taken at Loch Leven in the Scottish Highlands, this picture hangs on the wall in our living room. Looking at it each morning takes me away, just for a moment, to that time and place. It’s a fantastic way to start the day, and I love watching the changing light of sunrise bring the colours in the image to life.

It’s great to have some of my own photos up in our apartment, they serve as a constant reminder of good times and never fail to lift my mood. Do you have any photos hanging in your home? Do they make you smile in the morning?

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated

Window, Eaux-Vives, Geneva

My shot for this week’s photo challenge was taken in my own neighbourhood of Geneva, about 5 minutes from my front door. There are a diverse range of buildings in the Eaux-Vives area, but I think this is probably the most interesting just because it feels a bit out of place. Seemingly abandoned and since adopted by some of Geneva’s homeless, it makes for some intriguing shots.

This window represents the building perfectly. With no glass and one shutter missing, I hate to think how cold it must be in the winter time. I love the saturation of the pink towel left out to dry and its contrast against the drab, unkept building. What do you think? Do you have any buildings in your neighbourhood that have been adopted by the homeless?

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Weekly Photo Challenge: From Lines to Patterns

London Eye, London

This past weekend I was busy with my camera in and around the Westminster area of London. I really enjoyed my day out exploring the angles. There are so many iconic subjects in England’s great capital, from red telephone boxes to black taxis. In many ways it’s a photographer’s paradise. Fortunately the London Eye provided some great opportunities to get a perfect shot for this week’s photo challenge. I love the symmetry that these kinds of structures present, their simplicity is just beautiful.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

St. Peter's Basilica

Walking around its vast halls I felt a bit like an impostor, inside the marvellous heart of a religion I couldn’t call my own. I was completely unprepared for the size of this place. Each time I looked up at the array of dazzling colours and impossibly intricate decoration I felt more and more insignificant. The Catholic Church really know how to make you feel like there must be a higher power out there!

My shot for this week’s photo challenge was taken in St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City. Alongside the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, it must be the among the most awe-inspiring and impressive feats of human endeavour in the name of religion anywhere in the world.

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