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Safety First At Wat Arun

No Entry, Wat Arun, Bangkok

After climbing to the second level of Wat Arun in Bangkok this No Entry sign was quite a surprise. The incredibly steep steps required to get to this spot were quite enough for me! I certainly don’t envy whoever has to make it to the top of this ladder for their day job.

I think one of the most important things I’ve learnt as a photographer is to always look up. It’s so easy to miss the captivating things that aren’t at eye level. I saw many people walk right by this sign without a second thought. They simply didn’t see it. But for me it was one of the most incredible sights I laid eyes on whilst visiting this famous Buddhist temple.

The array of colours was fantastic, but I wanted to draw attention to the No Entry sign. In the original shot it became lost in amongst the rest of the detail. I decided to isolate the yellow by reducing the saturation of every other colour in the shot. I think it works well here, but I’ll be sure to post a full colour image in the future that does the temple justice!

Have you visited Wat Arun? Maybe you fancy climbing this ladder?! Got any great shots in which you’ve looked up to get a different perspective? Please get in touch!

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