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Royal Seats Of Amsterdam

Royal Seats, Amsterdam

While touring the Royal Palace in Amsterdam you pass behind the famous balcony on which royals greet the public in Dam Square. These chairs sit in the hallway behind the balcony, and presumably are where said royals wait before heading outside for the special occasion.

After I took this shot I wondered what that must feel like, what they might be thinking as they sit on these chairs. Do they look upon each engagement as a burden, a chore or a privilege? Is living a life prescribed to you from birth easy? I imagine not.

I loved the amazing blue here, which I have since noticed is very similar to the colour used by the Dutch national airline KLM. I suspect it’s not a coincidence, but I have no idea. Maybe someone out there knows the answer?!

To give the colour a bit more emphasis I decided to make the rest of the image black and white. Fortunately it was pretty easy in Lightroom. I just had to decrease the saturation for every colour other than blue to zero.


Post-Processing in Lightroom: Circle of Light

I’ve finally got around to recording a belated second post-processing video! I published this shot of Amsterdam’s Royal Palace back in April, and a couple of people asked to see a before and after of my processing. Hopefully this will satisfy your curiosity!

Whether you’re a fan of the final shot or not, I think this is a great example of what you can achieve in Lightroom with only a few clicks.

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If you have any requests for shots that you’re interested in seeing just let me know and I’ll endeavour to put together a similar video over the coming weeks and months. I’m planning to publish one of these every two weeks, depending on how popular they are!

What tools do you use for processing your photos? Maybe you’d like to see a video for a specific shot of mine?! I’d love to hear from you!

The Circle Of Light

Chandelier, Royal Palace, Amsterdam

Admiring the wonderful halls and decorated rooms of the Royal Palace in Amsterdam there’s one thing that really stands out – the incredible chandeliers. Not only is each and every one enormous, but they’re fantastically ornate as well. If you like chandeliers, this is definitely the place to go!

Getting a chandelier shot that I was happy with proved pretty difficult. Because they are so intricate I think you lose something in the amount of detail that’s present. Looking back at most of my shots I found them a bit overwhelming. I was searching for something simpler, so I decided to try looking directly up at one.

Since I was shooting handheld this was really quite tricky! Lining myself up with the centre of the chandelier, ensuring my camera was level whilst leaning my head back as close to 90˚ as I could manage was a bit of a dark art. I almost fell backwards a number of times! And whilst my final shot isn’t perfect, I think it’s as close as I could have hoped for without a tripod.

Judgement Day In Amsterdam

Tribunal, Royal Palace, Amsterdam

I’m so glad we had the opportunity to visit Amsterdam again at the weekend. I came away with a completely different impression of the city, owed largely to the fantastic weather which was enjoyed by much of Western Europe over Saturday and Sunday. It also gave us the chance to see some of the sights we missed on our last trip.

This shot was taken in the Tribunal of the Royal Palace, the room in which death sentences were officially announced. Citizens of the city would watch through the windows for the verdict to be given. The room has many sculptures, but this was the most striking and emblematic of its aura.

Exploring the many rooms of the palace gave me a great opportunity to use my wide angle lens in confined spaces for the first time. I had such fantastic fun experimenting! The extra width provides a bit of distortion which makes everything feel that bit more grand and impressive. I think it’s the first time I’ve come back from a trip and been really quite pleased with my indoor shots!

Have you ever re-visited a place and left with a totally different impression? Have you visited the Royal Palace? Maybe you enjoy using a wide angle lens too? I’d love to hear from you!