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The French Alps In Bloom

Flower, Le Grand Bornand, French Alps

Having spent a lot of time on 500px recently I’ve seen a lot of shots with flowers very close in the foreground, giving way to a beautiful mountain backdrop. They seem to be pretty popular and it’s not hard to see why!

Using them as inspiration I was looking for some bright foreground colours while exploring the Col de la Colombière in the French Alps. After a few minutes of searching I spotted these flowers, but during my first few attempts there was a strong wind which created an undesirable blurry foreground.

My legs were getting tired from crouching down holding my camera 6 inches above the ground. I didn’t have a tripod with me so I had to hold position to take advantage of that moment when the wind disappeared. Fortunately that moment came, and I was right there ready to get this shot.


Brooding Skies Over Lac De Peyre

Lac de Peyre, French Alps

As I hiked up to Lac de Peyre I was slightly disappointed by the overcast weather. It wasn’t unexpected, but I couldn’t help feeling that some sunnier skies would make for better photos. I also couldn’t have been more wrong! I think this might be the first full colour shot I’ve ever published which doesn’t have some blue sky.

I spent three hours at the lake shooting from all angles and getting my feet wet in the process. The whole experience has completely changed my outlook on the weather and I won’t be letting overcast skies put me off in the future. Once you get up into the mountains and closer to the clouds they really create a fantastic mood!

The Lines Aligned

Le Grand Bornand, France

I probably wouldn’t have got this shot if the pass around the mountain was open. I’d not really researched my route and stumbled upon the Col de la Colombière, which is apparently closed until June! So I stopped the car and went for a short walk along the still snowy road to see what I could find.

After I’d exhausted my usual routine of taking lots of photos with the road as a leading line, I decided to search around for something a little different. Looking up at this grassy bank I noticed that its horizon was almost perfectly aligned with that of the mountains behind. A lovely coincidence of nature and perspective!