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Last Light At Moraine Lake

Moraine Lake, Banff National Park, Canada

I’d seen so many images of Moraine Lake before visiting for myself that I had a good idea of the well-known photo spots. After making the most of my research I decided to head further around the lake to try and find a different angle. This shot was taken at sunset as the last rays of sunlight fell on the ten peaks that tower over the water.

I was overly paranoid about bear encounters during our time in Canada, and sightings have been on the rise in this area of the park during recent years. So each time I went out into the trees I’d sing to myself to make sure I didn’t take any by surprise.

As I took this photo crouched low to the ground with my tripod, I was singing to myself and looking over my shoulder every 30 seconds whenever I heard something in the bushes. I’m sure I was never in any danger at all, but as soon as the last light was gone I rushed back to the hotel very quickly!


The Colour Of Autumn At Lac De Joux Plane

Autumn Reflection, French Alps

After a six hour hike around the nearby mountains, this magnificent autumn colour in Lac de Joux Plane was the perfect way to end the day. The yellow leaves are still hanging on to their branches before winter grips the Alps, and I’d quite like to hang on to autumn in the same way. Is there a more beautiful time of year?

I only had time to try a few different compositions here, and this was the best reflection I managed to capture. There were some pesky ducks around the lake, bobbing in and out of the water on a fairly frequent basis. They created some nice ripples but weren’t really helping me very much!

Although I took more zoomed in shots of these trees and their reflection, I preferred this shot with the foreground interest in the end. Being able to see the bottom of the lake gives the image more depth and hopefully draws the viewer in. That’s the theory anyway!

A Not So Perfect Reflection

Summer, French Alps

Although I never found Lac du Roy as intended, this fantastic unnamed lake was right next to the car park at which I ended my hike. Before I left to head home I spent a while just taking all sorts of different shots around the water’s edge.

Unfortunately there was a chap just out of shot fishing, which made it impossible to get a great reflection. He clearly wasn’t very good because he kept creating ripples in the water. I’m no fishing expert, but I’m pretty sure that’s not the best approach!

This was the most balanced composition I found around the lake, but I’ve no doubt there’s a better one out there. The shot was taken late in the afternoon, but I still had some harsh lighting in the foreground that I had to correct in Lightroom by adjusting the exposure.

Name That Lake

Reflections, Massif des Bauges, France

I went the wrong way a couple of times trying to find this hidden gem of a lake, and I still have no idea what it’s called. Maybe we can come up with a name here! At the end of an afternoon hiking in the nearby mountains I was almost ready to give up and go home.

It makes me wonder how many times I’ve been so close to something so beautiful and had no idea. If you’re interested it’s one of the three lakes just south east of Lescheraines in the Massif des Bauges. I’m looking forward to exploring the other two on another trip.

Reflections like this are always nice to look at, but there is also a subtle natural progression from dark to light across the image from right to left which I really like. Hopefully it leads the eye through the image. Although apparently we look naturally from left to right, so maybe that won’t work quite so well. Let me know!

A Natural Beauty

Lac de Vallon, France

I did a lot of exploring over the weekend and found some fantastic new spots in the Alps close to Geneva. When I came across the stunning Lac de Vallon I was pretty excited! I’m already looking forward to getting back out here and shooting in different conditions, especially over the autumn and winter months.

It was quite windy so I didn’t get any perfect reflection shots, but the colour of the water was amazing nonetheless. I spent an hour wandering around the completely natural lake, which was formed in 1943 when a landslide blocked the course of the Brévon river.

As soon as I spotted these rocks in the shallow water I knew they’d make good foreground material, and I think the portrait orientation worked out best. It better translates the depth of the scene and keeps unnecessary distractions out of shot.

Lake Geneva – First NEX 6 Shots

So I took the plunge and bought a new camera – the Sony NEX 6! And I’d like to share a few of the first shots I took whilst taking it for a test drive around Lake Geneva. When I reach the end of my road I normally turn left and head along the lake, but this time I decided to turn right toward the beach and see what I could find. I love taking photos around the boats here so I didn’t make it very far in two hours, probably only about 100m or so! They make great foreground subjects for wide angle shots and all of the haphazard vertical lines provide some interesting background material.

I am planning to do a more in-depth post on my first impressions of the camera from an amateur’s point of view. But in the mean time here are three pictures taken around Lake Geneva using the NEX 6.