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To Infinity… And Beyond!

Paragliding, Lake Annecy

Perhaps not quite to infinity. But I like to think that’s what would be going through my head if I ever took to running off a mountain with a paraglider on my back. While I was watching gliders take off at Col de la Forclaz, I saw this guy almost botch his take-off and end up in the trees.

According to my local expert this spot above Lake Annecy is quite popular with beginners due to its proximity to a big lake (for emergency landings!) and the lack of regulation in France. But apparently it can also be quite a tough spot for getting up into the air.

So while it’s not a complete surprise to see people struggling, watching it in person didn’t give me much confidence to try it myself. I guess I could always be tempted by the view though…

Would you ever try paragliding? Maybe you’re already a pro?! I’d love to hear from you!


Lake Annecy With HDR And Photomatix

Lake Annecy, French Alps

This week I’ve been experimenting with HDR and Photomatix a little. I originally processed this shot of Lake Annecy exclusively in Lightroom, but wasn’t completely happy with the results even though I liked the composition.

I didn’t have multiple exposures of the same scene as you typically would with HDR, so I used Photomatix to create an HDR image from a single RAW file. It gave me some extra detail in the foreground and the mountains on the horizon which is just what I was looking for.

While I’m not a fan of the over processed, saturated HDR images you see a lot these days, I do appreciate the more subtle effect the process can create. I still don’t have the patience for taking more than one exposure of a single scene but I do think I’ll be using Photomatix a little more in the future!

Have you ever used Photomatix? Maybe you’re a big fan of HDR images? I’d love to hear from you!

Paddleboarding At Lake Annecy

Paddleboarding, Lake Annecy

While exploring the shores of Lake Annecy I spotted these two people paddleboarding across the water. It’s not something I’ve ever done myself, but I’m sure it’s much more difficult and tiring than it looks.

Having people in the scene adds a bit more depth which would be lost with an empty lake, so I’m glad they were there! I spent a while around this spot and the small town of Talloires. I think it’s the best lake side location I’ve found for photographing Lake Annecy yet.

The mountains look spectacular from this side of the water, and I really love the profile of that mountain on the right hand side. I’ve always thought it looks a bit like the spine of a dinosaur, and everybody loves dinosaurs!

Have you ever tried paddleboarding? Or maybe you don’t like dinosaurs?! I’d love to hear from you!

Flying High

Flying High, Lake Annecy

I spent a good couple of hours one Sunday morning just watching the paragliders take off from this spot above Lake Annecy. You have to be patient with the waiting in between, but for me it’s definitely worth it. Maybe one day I’ll try it myself!

I added an extra step in my post-processing workflow for this shot. After I’d finished in Lightroom I made a few adjustments in Topaz Detail which I’m currently using on a free trial license. It seems like a good tool to introduce a bit of extra ‘pop’ without going over the top.

The effect can be quite subtle, but when you see the before and after in full screen the difference is clear. I’m going to keep using it over the next few weeks before deciding whether to buy or not.

You can see my processing from the original shot, through Lightroom and Topaz Detail below.

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Looking Out Over Lake Annecy

Lake Annecy, France

Given the positive forecast for Sunday we decided to take a trip to this lookout over Lake Annecy in the French Alps. Unfortunately the weather ended up being absolutely terrible for photography! The sky was not blue, cloudy or moody. It was covered in a blanket of thin, white, textureless haze which was just thick enough to stop the sun shining through.

Needless to say I didn’t get many good images! So I’ve had to do a bit of post-processing to salvage something acceptable. Because the sky was so bland I decided on a yellow hue to give this shot an otherworldly feel, and also provide a little more interest in the upper third of the shot.

I’m determined to go back to this spot when there is actually some nice weather. Just out of shot is a restaurant terrace with great views that would be fantastic for some lunch, and I spotted a few short hiking routes that might be interesting once the summer comes around. It’s just an hour away from Geneva so I have no excuses!

Photo of the Week: Lake Annecy

Lake Annecy, France

A stunning body of water in the Haute-Savoie region of the French Alps, Lake Annecy offers great inspiration for a photographer. With plenty of waterside subjects and towering mountains providing a perfect backdrop, it’s easy to spend hours just wandering its shore. If you’d like to read more about Annecy you can check out my latest post over at World Spa & Travel.

Inspired by Alex over at Alex in Wanderland, I’ve decided to start doing a weekly feature with a bunch of photos taken at the same location. I’ll then ask you, my lovely readers, to give your opinion on which is your favourite. Or maybe you won’t like any of them! That’s ok too, any criticism (hopefully constructive) is appreciated as well.

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