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Poolside At Big Island’s Fairmont Orchid

Poolside, Big Island

One morning I was up early enough to try and get some shots of an empty swimming pool at the Fairmont Orchid on Big Island. It’s not often you see these places empty during the day, so I took my chance and did a full circuit around the water’s edge.

You’ll probably be unsurprised to hear that I’m not the kind of traveller who likes to spend their day sitting by the pool engrossed in a good novel. I find photography pretty relaxing for the most part, and when I need a break I’d rather find a beach and just listen to the ocean. While doing my utmost to remain out of the sun!

I wanted to try and evoke that classic Hawaiian postcard feeling with this shot. I boosted the temperature way up to around 13,000 for the entire image to get the yellow tint, and then played around with the hue, saturation and luminance of blue to get the colour I was after in the sky.


My First Hawaiian Sunset On The Big Island

Gazebo Sunset, Big Island

Aloha! I’ve just returned from three weeks in incredible Hawaii, soaking up the sun and taking a ton of photos along the way. It might be a bit Hawaii heavy here on the blog over the next few weeks, so hopefully you’ll fall in love with the place as much as I have. And if you’ve visited the islands I hope to rekindle some fond memories for you!

Hawaii is famous for its beautiful displays of colour at sunset, with many people (both locals and tourists) taking the time to watch the spectacle pass each day. As soon as we arrived on the Big Island I was already looking forward to our first opportunity to take it all in.

The Fairmont Orchid was the perfect place to start our vacation, and this shot was taken just beside the hotel’s golf course. As we wandered towards the shoreline it was impossible to miss this great gazebo.

Fortunately the sun was setting just at its centre, so I lined everything up and hit the shutter. We then continued on to the shore and I got to work shooting amongst the lava rocks before dusk settled on the island.