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A Thai Elephant’s Backside

Elephant, Thailand

Just after washing the elephants in a nearby river, I snapped this one wandering away from us back to the fields. I was very wet at the time and the afternoon heat was slowly drying me off. Our experience at the Elephant Nature Park was full of magical moments like this.

I recently spent some time going through my back catalogue of photos to clear some hard drive space. I took far too many photos of elephants during our day here! I guess you don’t have much choice if you want to capture the moment with unpredictable animals.

That reminds me of a quick Lightroom tip that may be helpful – if you press the ‘x’ key on a photo Lightroom will mark it as Rejected. You can go through a bunch of photos marking the ones you don’t want. Then select “Delete Rejected Photos” from the Photo menu options, and voila! All the bad eggs will be gone. It’s a nice way to make your workflow that little bit more efficient.


An Unforgettable Encounter With Thailand’s Gentle Giants

Elephant, Elephant Nature Park, Thailand

Visiting the Elephant Nature Park – a sanctuary for mistreated elephants in the north of Thailand – was a truly unforgettable experience. I have to admit that beforehand I wasn’t particularly excited, I’m certainly not the world’s greatest animal lover. But walking amongst these gentle giants and learning about some of their heartbreaking stories really touched a nerve. Knowing that my money was being put to good use providing a loving home for these beautiful creatures made it all the more worthwhile.

I was trying hard to get a shot of just an elephant with its carer. This proved tricky as other members of our group kept on popping up to have their photo taken next to them. However after some patience I finally had a 30 second window without anyone else in shot. I went a bit crazy taking lots of photos, but I think this was the best of the bunch. The elephant (whose name escapes me) just looks so happy, I can’t help but smile at this shot!

Have you ever visited the Elephant Nature Park? Got any great shots of happy animals? I’d love to hear from you!

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