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Mystical Herbert Lake On The Icefields Parkway

Herbert Lake, Canada

Apologies for the radio silence over the last couple of weeks! But I’ve been fortunate enough to spend them travelling around Canada. What an awe-inspiring place for landscape photography – I took so many photos! And I’m so excited to start sharing them with you over the coming weeks.

Our first stop driving the famous Icefields Parkway through the Canadian Rockies was Herbert Lake. The overcast skies that had left us slightly disappointed as we started our journey created an incredible atmosphere over the water and to the mountains beyond.

The clouds were moving at a pace and seemed to create a completely different view each time I looked out, hiding and revealing the peaks as they went. I took many wider shots but felt that the isolation of this single mountain face by the cloud created a more focused scene.

I brightened the image up a bit and boosted the contrast to try and give a more mystical, fantasy feel to the image which is exactly how I felt standing in that spot. It was the perfect start to what must be one of the greatest scenic drives on our planet.


Another World At The Mer De Glace

Mer de Glace, Chamonix, France

My family were visiting from the UK last weekend, and since they don’t get much snow over there they were keen to see some up close. So on Saturday we visited the Mer de Glace, the longest glacier in France. Fortunately we saw some sunshine in the morning, but as the afternoon went on the clouds started to roll in and engulf the valley carved by the glacier. This is probably one of the moodiest scenes I’ve witnessed in the Alps. I was actually glad the sun was hidden behind the clouds!

While we were up there we took the 400 steps down (and back up again!) to walk inside the glacier, had a lovely lunch at the Grand Hôtel Restaurant and tried some snowshoeing for the first time. I hope to get out with some snowshoes again before the winter is over, it was great fun and made getting about on the snow so much easier. I’m hoping they might lead me to some otherwise inaccessible spots with fantastic views of snow capped peaks. Fingers crossed!

Have you ever visited a glacier? Did you get inside of it?! Or maybe you’re a big fan of snowshoeing? I’d love to hear from you!

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