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The Circle Of Light

Chandelier, Royal Palace, Amsterdam

Admiring the wonderful halls and decorated rooms of the Royal Palace in Amsterdam there’s one thing that really stands out – the incredible chandeliers. Not only is each and every one enormous, but they’re fantastically ornate as well. If you like chandeliers, this is definitely the place to go!

Getting a chandelier shot that I was happy with proved pretty difficult. Because they are so intricate I think you lose something in the amount of detail that’s present. Looking back at most of my shots I found them a bit overwhelming. I was searching for something simpler, so I decided to try looking directly up at one.

Since I was shooting handheld this was really quite tricky! Lining myself up with the centre of the chandelier, ensuring my camera was level whilst leaning my head back as close to 90˚ as I could manage was a bit of a dark art. I almost fell backwards a number of times! And whilst my final shot isn’t perfect, I think it’s as close as I could have hoped for without a tripod.