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Five Great Reasons To Visit Bodie Ghost Town

Wheel, Bodie, California

Visiting the ghost town of Bodie was undoubtedly a highlight of our road trip around California. It was a unique experience full of surprises. Abandoned places are always intriguing to explore and Bodie is no exception. So apart from the fact that ghost towns are just really cool, why should you visit?

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

Bed, Bodie Ghost Town, California

Since I’ve had a great response to my last shot of Bodie Ghost Town in California, I thought I’d use another for this week’s photo challenge. I’m sure this bed has an incredible story to tell, but it will be forever shrouded in mystery. It epitomises the eerie feel of the abandoned mining town which in 1879 was home to around 7,000 people. Not that you would believe that looking at it today!

Unfortunately most of the 2,000 buildings that originally made up the town are no longer present. But the 170 that do remain provide a fascinating window into an exciting period of American history.

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Locked Up In Bodie Ghost Town

Prison, Bodie Ghost Town, California

With its last gold mine closing in 1942, Bodie Ghost Town was one of the highlights of our road trip in California last year. There was just something so eerie, haunting and quite mysterious about the place. With all of the buildings sitting empty and many possessions just seemingly left in an instant, it really felt like the inhabitants just vanished without a trace. You wouldn’t know to look at it now, but in 1879 it was the second most populous town in California behind only San Francisco.

This is a shot of the town’s jail. While it doesn’t look particularly sturdy today, it’s said that only one person ever escaped – Joseph DeRouche. Unfortunately for him he was quickly apprehended by a makeshift vigilante group and hung for his efforts. In its heyday the town was rife with crime, so this small shack must have seen a lot of people over the years. What a fantastic piece of history!

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