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Orange Trams Of Budapest

Buda Castle, Budapest

Public transport in a big city often makes a great subject for photography, and it looks even better when composed with a famous landmark or two. As we were walking toward the Buda Castle in Budapest I knew that these tram lines would make interesting leading lines, but there was no tram.

Fortunately after waiting just a few seconds this fantastic orange tram appeared from around the corner. A world away from the modern trams of Geneva, I loved their old-fashioned style which seemed to complement the city perfectly. Next time I’ll have to ride on one myself!

Have you visited Budapest? Maybe you’ve experienced the trams from the inside? Please get in touch!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite

Staircase, St. Stephen's Basilica, Budapest

Taken in Budapest at St Stephen’s Basilica, my shot for this week’s photo challenge gives the illusion of a staircase winding on to infinity. It’s not quite that long, but certainly feels like it’s never-ending when you’re half way up! The basilica itself is an incredible building and a must-see in Budapest. The circular viewing station around the outside of its cupola gives you a great bird’s-eye view of this fantastic Eastern European city.

I was tempted to change this image to black and white, but I love the orange glow that seems to get stronger as you wind down the staircase moving from natural to artificial light. It almost looks like you’re getting closer and closer to the earth’s core as you follow it to its end.

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