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Across The Horse Guards Parade

Horse Guards Parade, London

Looking across the Horse Guards Parade near St James’s Park, this shot was taken while I was visiting London a few weeks back. I’ve really grown to love this style of shot, I think the perspective from the floor is really powerful. I’ve no idea what this building is called, but it houses the Household Cavalry Museum. Maybe that’s the whole building? Who knows!

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Photographing An Icon: Big Ben

Big Ben, London, England

On my last trip to England I spent a great deal of time trying to find unique shots of various London icons. Big Ben proved a particular challenge, largely due to its height and the number of people in its vicinity. I settled on trying to find some red telephone boxes, another icon of London. A shot with both a phone box and Big Ben in had to be a good bet, so I started shooting with the entire phone box in the foreground and the famous clock in the background. But I really didn’t feel like it was working, the images didn’t have the impact I was looking for.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: From Lines to Patterns

London Eye, London

This past weekend I was busy with my camera in and around the Westminster area of London. I really enjoyed my day out exploring the angles. There are so many iconic subjects in England’s great capital, from red telephone boxes to black taxis. In many ways it’s a photographer’s paradise. Fortunately the London Eye provided some great opportunities to get a perfect shot for this week’s photo challenge. I love the symmetry that these kinds of structures present, their simplicity is just beautiful.

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