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The Almshouses Of Bruges

Almshouses, Bruges

Much like the rest of Bruges, walking amongst these Almshouses felt a bit like stepping back in time. The peaceful courtyard bordered by beautifully quaint homes provided a great spot for a moment of reflection.

It seems a bit ironic that a part of the city built to house the poor is now one of the biggest draws for tourists visiting romantic Bruges. Little did they know that their modest homes would become so popular.

There was some fantastic contrast between the tall trees that dominate this courtyard and pristine white houses surrounding them. The perfect opportunity for a black and white shot, in spite of the rain that plagued our time in Belgium!


How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?

Dog, Bruges, Belgium

While touring the quaint canals of Bruges in Belgium I looked up to see a surprising sight. A curious dog, just peering out of the window as if it was completely normal. Nothing to see here! Just inches between its paws and a few metres fall into the water below. It captured my imagination and made me wonder just what it might be thinking. Whatever the case, it certainly had a good view from where it was sitting!

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