Whistler Gondolas By Moonlight

Moonlit Gondolas, Whistler, Canada

One of the highlights of our time in Canada was a sunset photo tour we took with David McColm to the top of Whistler mountain. I cannot recommend this tour enough! Coming back down the mountain after dark we spotted these gondolas silhouetted perfectly against the moonlit sky.

I’m sure our time was pretty much up by this point, but we still spent what must have been at least 20 minutes working this scene from the side of the road. That 20 minutes was probably the most fun I have ever had with my camera! It was fantastic to share the experience with another passionate landscape photographer.

That small light to the right of the moon is Jupiter, and just out of shot was Saturn also shining bright. Unfortunately we missed the aurora borealis by one night, but I can’t think of a much better to reason to go back!

David’s time lapse work from Whistler is out of this world, and if you’re interested in taking a tour you can book through the Whistler Blackcomb website. David has no idea that I’ve mentioned his tour in this post, I simply had a brilliant time!


14 thoughts on “Whistler Gondolas By Moonlight

  1. stroudl

    I think this is my all time favourite. Really really lovely!
    Uncanny that Jupiter is the only light in the sky apart from the moon!
    Was clearly meant to be.

    1. Ben Post author

      Thanks Lesley 🙂 Yeah it’s odd there are no other stars in the sky, I guess Jupiter was just shining much brighter than everything else at this point in the evening!

  2. rtgermyn

    Great post! David McColm does a fantastic job of capturing Whistler at it’s essence. And you did as well! I hope you were moved and inspired by the natural beauty that truly is British Columbia.

    1. Ben Post author

      Thanks! I certainly was, I think it’s the most inspiring place I’ve visited. And Davids work is just brilliant, what a great place to live if you’re a landscape photographer. I will have to go back and capture the aurora over Alta Lake some time, if the starts align for me!

  3. Stacy P. Fischer

    What a wonderful experience, Ben! I understand your excitement. I experienced the same situation when I went on a sunset tour of San Francisco with a local photo guide. Cresting a hill late at night to find myself staring at the north span of the Golden Gate Bridge that seemed so close I could touch it was the most incredible photographic experience I have had!
    How lucky are we to have done these very special things.

    This is a fantastic image, but I know the memories of that night are ones forever burned in your mind!

    1. Ben Post author

      We are very lucky! That moment of discovery is something special, when everything seems to fall into place perfectly and the world presents you with a stunning view. I’m glad you had the chance to experience the same thing in San Francisco! And if I ever go back I’ll have to remember to ask you for a reference for that photo guide 🙂

  4. Andrew Seal

    A wonderfully memorable photo Ben. Thanks for the introduction to David McColm’s work. It really is spectacular. His sunset tour sounds like something for the bucket list. Best wishes.


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