Sliding On The Sands Of Haleakala

Sliding Sands, Haleakala, Maui

The Sliding Sands trail is perhaps the most perfectly named hiking route I’ve ever come across. As I descended into the Haleakala crater I could feel my body fighting the slippery terrain, fighting to keep me upright.

But it’s the way back up that will really get you. At around 3000m above sea level the air is thin, the sun is relentless and the terrain is as frustrating as it is beautiful. On the sliding sands it’s easy to feel like you’re making absolutely no progress at all!

I only spent 90 minutes on the trail, but if you time it right you can spend a full day hiking all the way through the crater. Once I made it back out alive I turned to take a shot of the trail, hoping to capture the barren landscape and the human struggle to defeat it.


13 thoughts on “Sliding On The Sands Of Haleakala

  1. khanewala

    That’s a shot which you need to look at for a while. It took time for the scale of the picture to really sink in. It is not just the size of the people, but also the way the stones stand out in the foreground, and then just fade away further into the picture. Great tones and light, although the sun is almost overhead.

  2. bmyshot

    Ben I’ve been away for a while but looks like you’ve been busy! You’re images are getting better and better. Way to go man!

    1. Ben Post author

      Thanks Bob, I’ve been away a while too! So I have quite a backlog to get through. I’m always aiming to post a better photo each week, I know it’s not possible all the time but why not aim for the top?!

      1. bmyshot

        The more photos you take, the more trained your eyes will become. Some days you might feel tired or not in the mood and as a result your photos will look less interesting but usually the more photos you take the better. Besides, I think it’s very important to be critical of your own work since the most important criticism is your own.


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