Hanging Lanterns In Hong Kong’s Man Mo Temple

Lanterns, Man Mo Temple, Hong Kong

After a while the burning incense in Hong Kong’s Man Mo Temple was quite suffocating, but the atmosphere it created was probably the most mesmerising of any temple I’ve visited. Despite the difficulty breathing after half an hour I was still reluctant to leave.

I spent a lot of time around these lanterns. There were plenty hanging inside, and I guess you can pay to have your prayer attached to one. I have absolutely no idea what the Chinese writing says. If anybody out there has a clue I’d love to know!

It’s in situations like this I wish I had a nice prime lens with a really low f stop and nice bokeh. Then I could get some really tight focus and that nice creamy effect in the out of focus areas. But for now my kit lens will have to do!


3 thoughts on “Hanging Lanterns In Hong Kong’s Man Mo Temple

  1. Helen C

    I was hoping someone will provide you a translation since my Chinese is no longer as good as before. Since no one did, here is what I have… (I can’t read the top line. My guess is it is time and date.)
    The right most first line (read from top to bottom): wish everyone in 康 (surname) family safe.
    The second line: physical helthy
    The third line: 仔仔(someone’s name or nickname) has a smoothly without a hitch career
    The fourth line: new house safe and extremely lucky
    The fifth line: everything goes smoothly without a hitch
    That’s close if it is not exactly the same. Helen

    1. Ben Post author

      Thanks Helen, that’s great! I also had a translation on google plus which was very similar to yours, so I guess your Chinese is still pretty good 🙂


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