Following The Torrent De Sales

Running Water, French Alps

I passed waterfall after waterfall tumbling down the valley carved by the Torrent de Sales. Following the river upstream en route to the Refuge de Sales was an incredible experience. It must be up there as one of the most rewarding hikes in the French Alps.

Over the course of the two hour journey from the Chalet de Lignon there are five or six stunning waterfalls waiting to greet you, each seemingly more impressive than the last. I almost couldn’t believe my eyes! It was a pretty exciting place to be with a camera.

These narrow falls can be found descending the valley walls toward the end of the hike. I was really happy about the cloudy skies on this trip, they created a fantastic mood and made shooting the waterfalls so much easier.


7 thoughts on “Following The Torrent De Sales

  1. xialy

    It’s also one of my favorite walk in the region, unfortunately didn’t manage to walk it this year. I’m surprised you choose a shot of the smalls waterfalls and not one of the main falls you see along the walk. Did you go all the way to the top after the refuge?

    1. Ben Post author

      Yeah I have a few more shots to publish from the hike, but I really liked the cliffs in this shot. And there is something about the smaller falls that is appealing, sort of like they are a bigger waterfall in the making.

      I didn’t make it to the top, actually I had to stop short of the refuge as I spent so much time at the waterfalls that I had to turn back. I think I made it to the last major falls before the refuge, but honestly I’m not sure!


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