Royal Seats Of Amsterdam

Royal Seats, Amsterdam

While touring the Royal Palace in Amsterdam you pass behind the famous balcony on which royals greet the public in Dam Square. These chairs sit in the hallway behind the balcony, and presumably are where said royals wait before heading outside for the special occasion.

After I took this shot I wondered what that must feel like, what they might be thinking as they sit on these chairs. Do they look upon each engagement as a burden, a chore or a privilege? Is living a life prescribed to you from birth easy? I imagine not.

I loved the amazing blue here, which I have since noticed is very similar to the colour used by the Dutch national airline KLM. I suspect it’s not a coincidence, but I have no idea. Maybe someone out there knows the answer?!

To give the colour a bit more emphasis I decided to make the rest of the image black and white. Fortunately it was pretty easy in Lightroom. I just had to decrease the saturation for every colour other than blue to zero.


10 thoughts on “Royal Seats Of Amsterdam

    1. Ben Post author

      Thanks Amy! I used Lightroom to adjust the saturation of every colour (other than blue) to zero. I expect there is more sophisticated software out there but that’s the simplest way I’ve found πŸ™‚

  1. DianaC

    Well it might be connected to the fact that throughout its history water has represented the most important thing in the Netherlands. Since they have mostly marshy lands and tons of canals, they had to fight against nature’s whims and use them for their own profit. Plus the reason why such a small country has become a great economical power is thanks to their naval power. They sailed to the Indies and brought riches, hence being the 11th country economically speaking. Thus I personally believe that blue is a symbol of their constant battling with the apparently unfruitful lands and of their undenying victory.

    1. Ben Post author

      Interesting idea Diana, thanks for the input! It certainly makes sense when you take into account the history of the country. I believe the exact colour name is Nassau-Blue, perhaps there is a clue in there somewhere.

  2. pix & kardz

    couldn’t imagine being in such a position – always in the limelight, always held to task, and always having to smile and nod. kudos to those who do it well. am thankful that i don’t need to be in their shoes – or on their chairs πŸ™‚


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