A Longtail In Paradise

Paradise In Thailand

For about an hour it was pretty much paradise! When we arrived for lunch on our tour with Phuket Sail Tours this beach was completely deserted. Unfortunately I’m not sure exactly where it is, but I think it’s on Koh Phi Phi Don in Thailand. Maybe someone out there with eagle eyes can help me out?

The perfect isolation lasted until these chugging longtail boats turned up with some fellow tourists. At least they made a great subject for this photo! And we left shortly after to escape to another quiet spot elsewhere.

What drew me to this shot was the negative space in the bottom half of the photo. I think it does a great job of leading the eye to the top half where the main subject is. It’s the first time I’ve consciously noticed this crazy effect surrounding negative space, I’ll definitely be looking out for it more in the future!

Do you recognise this beach?! Maybe you can tell me where it is? Or maybe you like using negative space in your photography? I’d love to hear from you!


2 thoughts on “A Longtail In Paradise

  1. judilyn

    I hadn’t thought about negative space as such, although I sometimes use that effect. Many thanks for pointing it out. I’ll keep it in mind in future.

    Virtual hugs,


    1. Ben Post author

      Yeah it’s one of those things I have tried to be more aware of when I am actually out there shooting. Sometimes it is hard to remember all of these concepts in the heat of the moment! I think in the end it comes down to natural instinct, and then after you can look back at the shot and think “hey there’s some negative space there, that works quite well”.


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