The House On The Hill

The House On The Hill, French Alps

If you ever hike Le Môle in the French Alps you’ll come across this seemingly disused house about half way up. It’s got a great view across the valley, so I’m not sure why it’s unoccupied. I wonder if it has a use during a particular part of the year and I was just there at the wrong time.

It’s a great spot to have a breather, which if you’re anything like me you’ll definitely be needing at this point in the journey to the summit. With that beautiful cloud and the mountain ridge both converging on the house I couldn’t resist this shot!

Having said all that, the view from the half way point probably isn’t worth the effort unless you’re heading for the summit. So if you’re in two minds about whether to make the trip or not, my advice would be to either go the distance or give this one a miss.


10 thoughts on “The House On The Hill

    1. Ben Post author

      Thank you so much for the nomination Jess! I feel privileged that you thought of my blog and it’s so nice to know you can find some inspiration in my work 🙂 Unfortunately I’ve decided not to accept awards on the blog because I don’t feel it’s in keeping with the rest of my content. But thanks again for your support. I really appreciate it and hope you can understand my reason above. I hope to see you around these pages again soon!

      1. Kan

        If you’ll believe it Ben, I was just thinking of you and wondering if you were busy with your wedding preps (think you’d mentioned your honeymoon was in August)! Since I was going through my recent pics from London and came across the one I took of Big Ben, which was inspired by your shot through a telephone booth 🙂 That’s a beautiful view and worth the 3 hour trek!

        1. Ben Post author

          Actually I got married at the weekend just gone! Which is why I’ve not posted for a week. We took a mini-break in Provence and now looking forward to honeymoon proper in Hawaii in a few weeks.

          That’s great you could find some inspiration in my Big Ben shot 🙂 I look forward to seeing yours!

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