To Infinity… And Beyond!

Paragliding, Lake Annecy

Perhaps not quite to infinity. But I like to think that’s what would be going through my head if I ever took to running off a mountain with a paraglider on my back. While I was watching gliders take off at Col de la Forclaz, I saw this guy almost botch his take-off and end up in the trees.

According to my local expert this spot above Lake Annecy is quite popular with beginners due to its proximity to a big lake (for emergency landings!) and the lack of regulation in France. But apparently it can also be quite a tough spot for getting up into the air.

So while it’s not a complete surprise to see people struggling, watching it in person didn’t give me much confidence to try it myself. I guess I could always be tempted by the view though…

Would you ever try paragliding? Maybe you’re already a pro?! I’d love to hear from you!


9 thoughts on “To Infinity… And Beyond!

    1. Ben Post author

      Thanks Mick, I appreciate the encouragement! I’d love to try it some time, just need to find the courage from somewhere. There are so many great spots to paraglide in the Alps, it would be great if I could get over the fear and embrace it!

  1. Kathy Samuel

    There is a lot of paragliding here. There are no second chances with botched take-offs though. They jump off a mountain with a sheer drop down to the valley floor!

    1. Ben Post author

      Haha, yeah I’ve seen that too and it’s definitely not for me. I like the idea of having a large body of water to fall into, even though I’m not sure it would make all that much difference!

    1. Ben Post author

      It certainly is a great spot for flying, have you ever taken off from this spot? The area all around Lake Annecy is just fantastic!


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