A Not So Perfect Reflection

Summer, French Alps

Although I never found Lac du Roy as intended, this fantastic unnamed lake was right next to the car park at which I ended my hike. Before I left to head home I spent a while just taking all sorts of different shots around the water’s edge.

Unfortunately there was a chap just out of shot fishing, which made it impossible to get a great reflection. He clearly wasn’t very good because he kept creating ripples in the water. I’m no fishing expert, but I’m pretty sure that’s not the best approach!

This was the most balanced composition I found around the lake, but I’ve no doubt there’s a better one out there. The shot was taken late in the afternoon, but I still had some harsh lighting in the foreground that I had to correct in Lightroom by adjusting the exposure.


11 thoughts on “A Not So Perfect Reflection

  1. Tom Schultz

    Sometimes the shimmer in the reflection is better than the flat mirror. I think it works better here because the ripples match the ripples in the lake bottom in the foreground. All in all, a very nice shot!

    1. Ben Post author

      I hadn’t noticed those ripples but I absolutely agree now you’ve pointed them out. They flow nicely throughout the image. Thanks for your perspective Tom!

      1. Tom Schultz

        I’m just getting back into photography after a long hiatus, and I find that simply viewing your photos is very educational. Plus, you take pics of some beautiful places. Thanks for sharing.


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