Facing The Challenge Of Le Môle

Facing Le Môle, French Alps

After climbing for an hour or so to Le Petit Môle this was the challenge that lay ahead of me – a small dirt trail and the beginning of a hike to the top of Le Môle itself. Over the next 90 minutes I traversed the long switchbacks left and right up to the summit. You can just see the start of them etched into the side of the mountain here.

I positioned myself at 90° to the sun for this shot, making the most of the morning shadows. Taking a camera while hiking gives me a great excuse to stop pretty regularly. In fact I’m probably guilty of stopping a little bit too often. But it gives me a chance to savour the fresh mountain air and make more of a connection with the landscape. It’s a beautiful thing!


4 thoughts on “Facing The Challenge Of Le Môle

  1. SPFischer

    Just happened to be on your blog when this post came up. I’m the first to like it – yay! So, can I just admit that all your hiking leaves me suitably impressed, but definitely contributes to my all-to-often-present thoughts that my exercise regimen is sorely lacking at this point 😉 Too bad reading about all your wonderful foot travels doesn’t some how magically make up for all my chair-sitting! As for taking your camera hiking, I now carry my Nikon D90 everywhere with me (in a very large purse when not slung over my shoulder on my RapidStrap). Makes for a very heavy purse 🙂 Always enjoy your posts, Ben!

    1. Ben Post author

      Thanks Stacy 🙂 Haha, if only other people could exercise for us! I’ve been trying to hike each weekend I’m in Geneva, not for the exercise so much but just because I love being in the mountains and taking photos. Keeping fit is just a fortunate by-product I suppose!

      Wow that must be heavy to carry all of the time, I salute your dedication! Normally I only have my camera with me if I have planned for some photography in advance. I’m not sure I could face carrying it all of the time!

    1. Ben Post author

      Thanks Jude. Haha, I suspect there are lots like us but some might be too proud to admit it! We know the truth 😉


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