Three Doors In Geneva Old Town

Half Open, Old Town, Geneva

There was something about these three doors in the old town of Geneva that caught my eye. The light streaming through the middle door was fantastic and created a great atmosphere. Two of them being half open also added an element of intrigue to the scene.

The run down nature of the surroundings is a bit unusual for the old town, with most buildings being better kept around the edges. But I think I much prefer them like this, they’re much more interesting to look at and bring a bit more character to the streets of Geneva.

I’m not sure about the dark coloured wall on the right hand side. Viewed full screen it’s not so obvious, but in the smaller format published here it can be a bit distracting. Hopefully you’re reading this after looking at the shot so you weren’t thinking about this whole time!


8 thoughts on “Three Doors In Geneva Old Town

    1. Ben Post author

      I think it’s rare to see three similar doors so close together. Normally there would be a bit more building in between! It almost suggests there is something strange going on behind them, a bit like in a story when somebody has to pick between a bunch of doors to see what’s behind. Glad you like the shot and thanks for stopping by!

  1. Heyjude

    I just want to go up those steps and see what is at the end of them! I did actually nosey in a couple of courtyards in the old town. Have you been inside the Hotel de Ville?

    1. Ben Post author

      It does invoke a sense of curiosity, glad you felt that too Jude! I recognise your photo so yes I think I have been in that courtyard. Although I wasn’t aware you could go inside the building. There are some fantastic examples of classical architecture in the old town, it’s a great little place to explore as I’m sure you know from your travels!

  2. sadhchyme

    True, that this has an old european feel, and looks like that it has seen many a intriguing things and many a stories to tell. Very nice photograph 🙂

    1. Ben Post author

      That’s why I love these run down parts of the town, they all have a story to tell and evoke a sense of history that isn’t so apparent in the newer or better kept buildings. Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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