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Three Doors In Geneva Old Town

Half Open, Old Town, Geneva

There was something about these three doors in the old town of Geneva that caught my eye. The light streaming through the middle door was fantastic and created a great atmosphere. Two of them being half open also added an element of intrigue to the scene.

The run down nature of the surroundings is a bit unusual for the old town, with most buildings being better kept around the edges. But I think I much prefer them like this, they’re much more interesting to look at and bring a bit more character to the streets of Geneva.

I’m not sure about the dark coloured wall on the right hand side. Viewed full screen it’s not so obvious, but in the smaller format published here it can be a bit distracting. Hopefully you’re reading this after looking at the shot so you weren’t thinking about this whole time!


The French Alps In Bloom

Flower, Le Grand Bornand, French Alps

Having spent a lot of time on 500px recently I’ve seen a lot of shots with flowers very close in the foreground, giving way to a beautiful mountain backdrop. They seem to be pretty popular and it’s not hard to see why!

Using them as inspiration I was looking for some bright foreground colours while exploring the Col de la Colombière in the French Alps. After a few minutes of searching I spotted these flowers, but during my first few attempts there was a strong wind which created an undesirable blurry foreground.

My legs were getting tired from crouching down holding my camera 6 inches above the ground. I didn’t have a tripod with me so I had to hold position to take advantage of that moment when the wind disappeared. Fortunately that moment came, and I was right there ready to get this shot.

Post-Processing in Lightroom: Into A Dream

When I’m out with a camera I always try to let my imagination run wild with the landscapes around me. As soon as I saw the subject of this week’s post-processing tutorial I knew the artistic direction I wanted to take with it in Lightroom.

In this week’s video I demonstrate how I created the dream-like feeling in this shot using the temperature and vignette sliders. After a request from Kan of Kan Walk Will Travel I also made sure to use a shot with which I could demonstrate the Graduated Filter tool.

So this will be my first request fulfilled! If you have anything you’d like to see more of just let me know and I’ll do my best to include it in a future video. I hope you enjoy this week’s tutorial, and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask! For those who don’t enjoy the video format you can see the before and after below.

Do you have any tips for using the Graduate Filter tool? Or maybe you have another example of fulfilling your artistic vision with Lightroom? I’d love to hear from you!

Orange Trams Of Budapest

Buda Castle, Budapest

Public transport in a big city often makes a great subject for photography, and it looks even better when composed with a famous landmark or two. As we were walking toward the Buda Castle in Budapest I knew that these tram lines would make interesting leading lines, but there was no tram.

Fortunately after waiting just a few seconds this fantastic orange tram appeared from around the corner. A world away from the modern trams of Geneva, I loved their old-fashioned style which seemed to complement the city perfectly. Next time I’ll have to ride on one myself!

Have you visited Budapest? Maybe you’ve experienced the trams from the inside? Please get in touch!

Paddleboarding At Lake Annecy

Paddleboarding, Lake Annecy

While exploring the shores of Lake Annecy I spotted these two people paddleboarding across the water. It’s not something I’ve ever done myself, but I’m sure it’s much more difficult and tiring than it looks.

Having people in the scene adds a bit more depth which would be lost with an empty lake, so I’m glad they were there! I spent a while around this spot and the small town of Talloires. I think it’s the best lake side location I’ve found for photographing Lake Annecy yet.

The mountains look spectacular from this side of the water, and I really love the profile of that mountain on the right hand side. I’ve always thought it looks a bit like the spine of a dinosaur, and everybody loves dinosaurs!

Have you ever tried paddleboarding? Or maybe you don’t like dinosaurs?! I’d love to hear from you!

Brooding Skies Over Lac De Peyre

Lac de Peyre, French Alps

As I hiked up to Lac de Peyre I was slightly disappointed by the overcast weather. It wasn’t unexpected, but I couldn’t help feeling that some sunnier skies would make for better photos. I also couldn’t have been more wrong! I think this might be the first full colour shot I’ve ever published which doesn’t have some blue sky.

I spent three hours at the lake shooting from all angles and getting my feet wet in the process. The whole experience has completely changed my outlook on the weather and I won’t be letting overcast skies put me off in the future. Once you get up into the mountains and closer to the clouds they really create a fantastic mood!

Changing Of The Guard In Bangkok

Changing of the Guard, Bangkok

Exploring the Grand Palace of Bangkok we were lucky enough to witness the changing of the guard. It happens once every 2 hours all around the palace grounds. I couldn’t believe the size of the guns these guys were carrying!

It was fun to watch them go through their choreographed routine, even if it was a little bit scary. I’m not sure why it made me feel uneasy, I guess I’m just not used to seeing guns. It was probably only the second or third time I’ve seen them in real life!

I used the Cross Process 2 Lightroom preset on this shot before making a few other small edits. This preset seems to work quite well on lots of the images I have from Thailand. I think it brings a tropical, exotic feel to the colours which I haven’t been able to recreate myself.