Why I’m Using 500px For My Portfolio

500px Portfolio

I’ve recently started uploading my shots to a portfolio on 500px, which you can find using the newly created Portfolio link in the website menu at the top of my blog (between Photography and About Me) or by visiting directly here. I seem to get a lot more views on 500px compared to any other platform, so I’d really recommend it if you’re trying to get your images in front of as many eyes as possible.

Not only is it a great format for viewing photos, they also provide print and download services for free. Unfortunately they don’t provide any flexibility on pricing, so you just have to make do with the model they’ve decided upon. But it means I have a place where people can buy my photos without any upfront costs for me, which at the moment is a no brainer.

I’ll be continuing to add my best shots on 500px, as well as selecting some of my favourites from the past few years to upload. It’s a great place to see all of my photography in one place, without the ramblings of the blog. And if you’re anything like me you’ll be able to waste a good few hours just looking through other photographer’s images on the front page!

Do you use 500px? Or have another platform you’d like to recommend? I’d love to hear from you!


18 thoughts on “Why I’m Using 500px For My Portfolio

    1. Ben Post author

      It’s one of those websites that’s just fun to use. Love your portrait shots from India! Following on 500px now 🙂

        1. Ben Post author

          It’s tough, there are so many platforms on the web to keep on top of. I’m still in the long process of working out which work best for me, but I think 500px is definitely a keeper.

    1. Ben Post author

      It’s definitely worth a look, great fun to use as well. I haven’t done much research on the topic but the only competitor I’m aware of doing something similar with regards to selling images is Smugmug. But you have to pay for that service which is not something I’m interested in at the moment.

    1. Ben Post author

      Hi Kathy, just been checking out your work – it’s fantastic! Always great to come across a fellow lover of France 🙂 You should definitely think about 500px, I think your macro nature photography would be very popular over there. Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Lucy Dodsworth

    Looks good, I had a play about with it once but I have so many photos on Flickr (3000+) it’s a bit too much of an effort to move – though maybe I should pick a few photos and have a limited portfolio up there as Flickr is more like extra storage.

    1. Ben Post author

      Yeah I’m using 500px as a place for what I consider to be my best images. I’ll continue to use Flickr as well. Like you say it’s great for storage with 1Tb of free space, and also really easy to use it as a source of images for here on the blog so I don’t have to pay WordPress for any extra space!

    1. Ben Post author

      Thanks! That header shot from the top of Le Mole is one of my favourites. It’s a great day hike if you’re ever in the Geneva area!

  2. i*Kan

    Interesting! May be I should start using it. I have a question… do they offer the same functionality as Flikr, to link the photos in your blog directly to the site? I presume that means you are not using up any space on your WordPress account. BTW, how do you manage to do that?

    1. Ben Post author

      Hi Kan, Flickr have made it a bit more difficult recently but you can still do it. I upload all my shots to Flickr as they have 1TB of free space. You have to follow a few steps to include the photos in a WordPress post:

      1. Select “Download / All Sizes” on the photo you want. You can find this option by clicking the three dots next to the share icon.
      2. Click View All Sizes
      3. Choose the image size you want. Then right click and select Copy image URL
      4. Paste the URL into the src attribute of a HTML img tag in your post.

      I might do a post on this actually as a few people have asked the same question and it could benefit from a quick tutorial video.

      I’m not sure if you can do the same with 500px, as I don’t think it’s possible to get the URL for an uploaded photograph. Having said that, it could be a setting I’ve missed somewhere.


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