A Natural Beauty

Lac de Vallon, France

I did a lot of exploring over the weekend and found some fantastic new spots in the Alps close to Geneva. When I came across the stunning Lac de Vallon I was pretty excited! I’m already looking forward to getting back out here and shooting in different conditions, especially over the autumn and winter months.

It was quite windy so I didn’t get any perfect reflection shots, but the colour of the water was amazing nonetheless. I spent an hour wandering around the completely natural lake, which was formed in 1943 when a landslide blocked the course of the Brévon river.

As soon as I spotted these rocks in the shallow water I knew they’d make good foreground material, and I think the portrait orientation worked out best. It better translates the depth of the scene and keeps unnecessary distractions out of shot.


8 thoughts on “A Natural Beauty

  1. Heyjude

    (I’ll try again to comment – first time I got an error message! )

    I agree with you about the composition – perfect shot – and a lovely colour!

    1. Ben Post author

      Thanks for persisting with your comment Jude! That’s strange about the error. I wonder if it was an issue on my blog or a more general wordpress problem.

      I’m glad you liked the composition, I don’t often take portrait shots. For some reason I’m always thinking in landscape! But I need to force myself into thinking both ways on a more regular basis, especially in the brief moments when the lighting is just right. I always end up with a landscape shot when often a portrait orientation might have been better. I guess it’s just habit more than anything.

  2. SPFischer

    Oh, to be so lucky to have the Alps in one’s backyard 😀 The turquoise of the water is stunning – the only other time I’ve seen water that color was in Alaska, cruising up the Tracy Arm Fjord to its end at a gorgeous glacier. Since this is a “natural lake,” I wonder where this incredible color comes from. In any event, I like the vertical orientation as well, for the reasons you mention. If I ever come across a scene such as this, I’ll remember your photo and know exactly how to compose it. Just lovely!

    1. Ben Post author

      I almost had to pinch myself when I came across this lake! I think the colour comes from certain types of particle in the lake scattering the light. Although don’t quote me on that! I’m really pleased the portrait orientation has worked here. I definitely need to improve on my portrait shots in general, I’m always thinking in landscape which often isn’t the most best choice. I need to train myself to think both ways round!

      I’d love to visit Alaska. The landscape looks so beautiful, raw and wild. I’ve just googled that fjord and it looks spectacular!

  3. ella9029

    This is really, really, really amazing! It looks like you took a photo of the very soul of this place! 🙂


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