Flying High

Flying High, Lake Annecy

I spent a good couple of hours one Sunday morning just watching the paragliders take off from this spot above Lake Annecy. You have to be patient with the waiting in between, but for me it’s definitely worth it. Maybe one day I’ll try it myself!

I added an extra step in my post-processing workflow for this shot. After I’d finished in Lightroom I made a few adjustments in Topaz Detail which I’m currently using on a free trial license. It seems like a good tool to introduce a bit of extra ‘pop’ without going over the top.

The effect can be quite subtle, but when you see the before and after in full screen the difference is clear. I’m going to keep using it over the next few weeks before deciding whether to buy or not.

You can see my processing from the original shot, through Lightroom and Topaz Detail below.

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9 thoughts on “Flying High

  1. kazg10

    I agree it can just give that extra pop. I post process some of my photographs with Photomatix with is an HDR program, but I only use the tone mapping and not the extreme ones they have. I usually use enhanced and for B&W its great too.

    1. Ben Post author

      I’ve given Photomatix a go, creating a HDR shot from a single RAW file. I struggled to get a look I was happy with, as like you say they tend towards the extreme. Maybe I need to experiment a little more!

  2. SPFischer

    Ben, you did it, you used the slideshow! Well done 🙂 So nice to see the three versions. On my screen (which I recently found out is really not that good), the difference between the Lightroom and the Topaz versions is very subtle. Perhaps slightly more clarity to the details in the foreground? In any event, the photo is wonderful. Your persistence always pays off so well. Capturing the paraglider in flight, with a pop of that red sail, just makes the photo sing and me smile!

    1. Ben Post author

      I did! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂 Yeah I agree it does look very subtle, I couldn’t work out how to view the slideshow in full screen. But yes, I think that’s the best way to describe it actually! A bit more clarity all round, more noticeable in the foreground. Topaz Detail gives you a bit more fine grain control over how the clarity is applied throughout the image.

      I was lucky this guy had a red sail which stood out nicely against the background. I know what you mean, the shot just make me think of how much fun the paraglider must be having! I’ll definitely be at this spot again before the summer is over.

      1. SPFischer

        Ben, now that you mention it, my slideshow wasn’t full screen either. I didn’t think much about it, but you make a good point. I wonder why it doesn’t. It sure would be nice if it did!


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