A Glimpse Of The Past

Mining, Grand Canyon, USA

Taken at the Grand Canyon a little over four years ago, there was something about this old mining structure which captured my imagination. It provided a window into the past, a brief glimpse into humanity’s impact on this great wonder of the world.

It was also a fantastic subject for a slightly different composition of the canyon, which I was quite excited about. I did a bit of post processing in Lightroom, opting for the preset “Aged Photo” before making a few minor adjustments.

Looking back it’s probably the most interesting image I captured on our day trip from Las Vegas. It was definitely worth the long bus ride, although next time I might opt for the view from a helicopter instead!


17 thoughts on “A Glimpse Of The Past

  1. Sanchia

    Wow, it’s definitely a different take on the usual Grand Canyon photo! Love the detail on the rocky structure in the bottom-right corner.

    1. Ben Post author

      Thanks Sanchia, glad you noticed the rocks to the right. They provide some nice texture I think with the varying shades of orange and brown. A different take on the canton is exactly what I was going for!

  2. ivyon

    Amazing… I have to tell you… I get distracted, but I didn’t forget. I have in mind the post I promised you and the photos are in the final phase – resizing (or I would have to buy space on WP very soon). So… very happy to announce the upcoming post of clouds. 🙂 I will pingback it to you when I publish it, probably tomorrow.

    1. Ben Post author

      I’ve not heard of The Big Hole, I guess it’s related to mining? The processing I’ve done causes the orangey/red colour of the canyon to be more muted.

  3. SPFischer

    I love your post-processing choice. It lends an industrialized feeling to the photo, which works beautifully with the old mining structure. And, surprisingly, the tone readily captures the drama present in the more typical photos of the Canyon we see. Beautiful photo. If you do get a chance to return, I highly recommend the helicopter tour 🙂

    1. Ben Post author

      Thanks Stacy, I was fortunate there was a preset already in Lightroom that was almost perfect for the shot. I certainly will if I ever go back, just need to get over the irrational fear of flying in a helicopter!


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