At The End Of The Road

Jet d'Eau, Geneva, Switzerland

I’m not sure whether this was executed purposefully by town planners or a happy accident. But either way the view down this street – curiously named Rue du 31st Decembre – toward the Jet d’Eau in Geneva is one of those that’s hard to forget.

This shot was taken in the middle of a pedestrian crossing. Each time the lights went green I would cross half way, try to line up as well as I could and click the shutter. Obviously as the lights were green for me to cross, they were red for the oncoming traffic.

I wanted a clean composition with no cars involved, so I had to wait a good while for the street to be clear at the right moment. I think I probably crossed the road about 15 times to get this shot. As is usually the case, my patience and persistence paid off in the end!


4 thoughts on “At The End Of The Road

  1. wakeorsleep

    Your description of crossing and re-crossing the road had me in fits of laughter! I’ve definitely done that myself and I’m sure most people reading this post will be able to pick out one or two silly things they’ve done for the sake of their cameras!
    Definitely worth it though, lovely lines in this shot.

    1. Ben Post author

      Thanks! Haha, I’m glad it resonated with you. It’s certainly not the last time you’ll find me doing something like that. As a general rule when you’re trying to take photos from the middle of a road you just have to be compliant with the traffic!


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