Going Wide Angle On The Streets Of Geneva

St. Pierre Cathedral, Geneva, Switzerland

Wandering the Old Town of Geneva gave me a great opportunity to use my 10-18mm lens on city streets. In the past I always struggled to get the image I really wanted with a narrower lens. I like to take in the whole scene to give a better sense of the environment. But I could never find the right balance between having the street in shot and maintaining a comfortable amount of room at the top of the image.

I was forever compromising between these two elements, and rarely happy with the outcome. But now I don’t have to make that compromise! I returned home from the Old Town with a number of shots I am more than happy with, all thanks to the extra width and height afforded by the new lens.

Having searched what must have been most of the streets in the vicinity, I finally found what I was looking for – an unobstructed view to the spire of St. Pierre Cathedral. Fortunately I remembered to expose for the highlights, and then just touched up the shadows and clarity in Lightroom.

How do you approach shooting in the streets? Maybe you like to use a wide angle lens too? I’d love to hear from you!


6 thoughts on “Going Wide Angle On The Streets Of Geneva

  1. Steve

    I’ve had the good fortune of spending a fair amount of time in Zurich, Horgen and Liestal for work, but the pictures I’ve taken never look quite as inspirational as yours 🙂

    1. Ben Post author

      Thanks Steve, Zurich is great! Quite a different atmosphere to Geneva and much bigger. We took a boat cruise on the lake there and it was fantastic. Can’t say I have heard of Horgen or Liestal though.

    1. Ben Post author

      I definitely think MILC is the way to go, the technology is only getting better. I’ve been over to Carouge a number of times, it’s such a lovely area and quite different to the rest of Geneva. Great for a stroll on a sunny Sunday afternoon. I enjoyed looking through your shots, I don’t think I’ve ever noticed those sculptures before! And those doorknobs from the old town are fantastic, I’ve spotted a few of those as well. There are also some great doors around that area, some of them are huge!

      1. Heyjude

        I loved the Carouge – must upload my photos from then! I don’t use Flickr much these days since I started the blogs. They keep changing things!


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