Spooked In Bern

Silent Don't Touch, Bern, Switzerland

I came across quite a few narrow alleyways while exploring Bern, but this was by far the most intriguing. I took my first shot and almost completely missed the writing on the floor. Maybe it doesn’t really come across so much in this shot but it was really creepy! As soon as I read the writing I felt like I was being watched, it was very odd.

After waiting for a while somebody finally walked through, and I think having a person in the shot really adds to the creepiness. I have to say that once I’d got what I was after I was pleased to leave this place alone! I continued on through the alleyway into the light, and to the Bern Munster which offered some fantastic views over Bern and out toward the Swiss Alps.

Have you visited the Swiss capital? Or enjoy exploring the alleyways of a city? Do you know what “Silent Don’t Touch” means?! Please get in touch!


12 thoughts on “Spooked In Bern

  1. amandarenee0224

    Great shot, you were definitely able to capture the creepiness of this place. When I first saw the words I thought they were going to be some sort of inspirational quote or something. After I read it, I was creeped out too!

    1. Ben Post author

      Thanks Amanda, I’m glad the creepiness came across. I think the angles of the text make it all the more strange actually, if the writing was in a pleasant font it wouldn’t be nearly half as bad!

  2. Saurabh

    This one’s definitely a great shot! However, I’m more interested in what’s written in the upper left corner of the photo – is it druggist? or drougfa? (maybe that’s a word in Swedish) Anyway, the graffiti is mind boggling.

    1. Ben Post author

      I have no idea! It looks like DRUUUFL to me. Although that makes absolutely no sense. There was certainly some intriguing graffiti in some of the alleyways.


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