Look Right, Look Left, Look Right, Look Left…

Bus, Bangkok, Thailand

One of the many things that surprised me in Thailand was that they drive on the left. Being from the UK this is something alien to me – I think it’s the first country I’ve visited where they don’t drive on the opposite side of the road. I guess that most other people must have the complete reverse feeling when they come to the UK, or Thailand for that matter. You must think we’re crazy!

Having said that, now I have been in Geneva for a few years I am more comfortable with and accustomed to drivers being on the right. So this whole trip was doubly confusing from that point of view. I was forever looking both ways multiple times every time I crossed the road, which is probably a good thing given the insane traffic in Bangkok!

Have you visited Bangkok? How did you find the traffic? Maybe you tried your hand at driving there?! I’d love to hear from you!


8 thoughts on “Look Right, Look Left, Look Right, Look Left…

  1. AntigonesWill

    Seeing photos like this one makes me think of how much life there is in me and how much time i waste on silly things .

    1. Ben Post author

      There is just so much out there to explore! I think we are all guilty of wasting time, but I guess when the mood takes you it is important to seize the day and make the most of it.

  2. Jess Carey

    Ohh they’re crazy on the roads in Bangkok! Been there twice and still haven’t seen a car accident though! Amazing city though, one of my favourites in the world : )

    1. Ben Post author

      They certainly are! I don’t think we saw any accidents in Bangkok either, although we did see the aftermath of one in the north of Thailand. Definitely one of my favourite cities too! Thanks for stopping by đŸ™‚

  3. wakeorsleep

    Haha, that is so true! I think it might be a remnant of the Thai-UK alliance from back in the day. Bangkok traffic reminds me a lot of India though, I think it’s just the sheer craziness and bravery of learning to cope with the (lack of) road rules.

    1. Ben Post author

      That would make sense! I’ve not been to India, but would love to visit one day. I can imagine it might be similar on the traffic front, perhaps even a little crazier! I found it fascinating to be in that environment, where the rules of our “western” society are seemingly taken away from us and personal responsibility comes to the fore. It certainly makes you feel that little bit more alive!

      1. wakeorsleep

        Yeah, I’d say India is definitely crazier just because there’s so many more people! Being Indian originally I was already so used to the noise and recklessness, but I can imagine it’s very odd being in that environment for the first time. I almost wish I could have that initial experience again!

        1. Ben Post author

          It was very odd, but completely exhilarating. Actually I have to say that stepping out onto the busy streets of Bangkok for the first time is probably the greatest travel experience I’ve had. I completely understand wishing to experience it again for the first time!

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