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A Church So Quaint

Church, Le Reposoir, France

Just one of the unexpected treasures I discovered on Saturday, this lovely little church in the French commune of Le Reposoir was a fantastic find. Unfortunately it wasn’t open to the public, but regardless its exterior made a great subject for some photos. It’s surprises like this that make exploring so much fun!

I spent a while experimenting with the angles, but in the end I think this first shot was best. I enjoyed this spot so much that I decided to stop for lunch, sitting just behind the church looking out over the hills. I can’t believe I almost drove right past it!

Have you ever come across an unexpected treasure? Where was it? How did you find it? I’d love to hear from you!


Lake Geneva At Its Very Best

Lake Geneva, Switzerland

We had another great sunset in Geneva this evening, and I finally managed to get my tripod down to the lake. This meant I could take some longer exposures and really capture the reflections in the water. Fortunately the lake was calm so the moored boats were not bobbing around too much. Otherwise I would have had some pretty blurry boats in this shot!

I think I made it just in time for the best of the light, and decided to experiment with some new angles. I wanted to get up higher so I could capture more of the water below. Climbing up onto the rocky ridge beside the path gave me the prefect vantage point, allowing me to include more of the lovely reflections and Lake Geneva’s incredibly clear water in a single shot.

This is definitely my new favourite composition from this spot around the lake. Sooner or later I will have to move on and try to find somewhere better, but for now I just can’t get enough of this location!

Do you have a favourite spot you go back to time and time again? What makes it your favourite?

Going Wide Angle On The Streets Of Geneva

St. Pierre Cathedral, Geneva, Switzerland

Wandering the Old Town of Geneva gave me a great opportunity to use my 10-18mm lens on city streets. In the past I always struggled to get the image I really wanted with a narrower lens. I like to take in the whole scene to give a better sense of the environment. But I could never find the right balance between having the street in shot and maintaining a comfortable amount of room at the top of the image.

I was forever compromising between these two elements, and rarely happy with the outcome. But now I don’t have to make that compromise! I returned home from the Old Town with a number of shots I am more than happy with, all thanks to the extra width and height afforded by the new lens.

Having searched what must have been most of the streets in the vicinity, I finally found what I was looking for – an unobstructed view to the spire of St. Pierre Cathedral. Fortunately I remembered to expose for the highlights, and then just touched up the shadows and clarity in Lightroom.

How do you approach shooting in the streets? Maybe you like to use a wide angle lens too? I’d love to hear from you!

Spooked In Bern

Silent Don't Touch, Bern, Switzerland

I came across quite a few narrow alleyways while exploring Bern, but this was by far the most intriguing. I took my first shot and almost completely missed the writing on the floor. Maybe it doesn’t really come across so much in this shot but it was really creepy! As soon as I read the writing I felt like I was being watched, it was very odd.

After waiting for a while somebody finally walked through, and I think having a person in the shot really adds to the creepiness. I have to say that once I’d got what I was after I was pleased to leave this place alone! I continued on through the alleyway into the light, and to the Bern Munster which offered some fantastic views over Bern and out toward the Swiss Alps.

Have you visited the Swiss capital? Or enjoy exploring the alleyways of a city? Do you know what “Silent Don’t Touch” means?! Please get in touch!

Hanging Out To Dry

On The Line, Koh Panyee, Thailand

I couldn’t believe my luck when I came across this scene in the Thai village of Koh Panyee. I love the small glimpses you get into the daily life of locals when travelling around Thailand. It makes for a much more interesting and authentic experience. I’m surprised anything gets dry out on the line given the humidity!

Despite its precarious location the village has its own football team. Their story is an incredible tale of determination and achievement against the odds. Documented in this video, it’s well worth watching if you’re looking for a bit of inspiration or something to put a smile on your face. And who doesn’t want that?!

A Sunset Well Worth The Effort

Sunset, Lake Geneva, Switzerland

We had a great sunset in Geneva yesterday, which unfortunately coincided with my journey home from the office. I was kicking myself that I didn’t have a camera. The clouds were fantastic, lighting up pink and orange in every direction. I knew exactly the spot for some good shots, I just had to hustle a bit!

After some light jogging and questionable jaywalking I made it home and out again to my favourite spot just in time. This is definitely one of the best locations I’ve found for shooting around Lake Geneva, with plenty of great opportunities for interesting compositions that include the famous Jet d’Eau.

In the mad rush I didn’t have time for my tripod, which is a shame because this shot is plagued a bit by the high ISO I had to shoot at in order to get a practical shutter speed for a handheld shot. I think the best of the light had passed by this point, but I still managed to capture the moment. And I’ll be sure to take my tripod next time!

Have you ever rushed to capture a shot before the moment passed? Maybe you’ve seen a great sunset recently? I’d love to hear from you!

Celebrating 100 Posts With WordPress

Last week I surpassed 100 blog posts here on WordPress, which I feel is something of a milestone. I’d like to say a big thank you to everybody who continues to visit, like and comment here on Flights Camera Satisfaction. It really means the world to me! This adventure was born out of a desire to share and improve my travel photography, and I’m so happy to have you along for the ride.

I thought I’d put together a post with the five most popular shots I’ve posted in the short time I’ve been online. I considered picking my personal favourites, but being incredibly indecisive and self-critical I may well have reached 200 posts before making any final decision on those! Clicking the headers will take you to the original posts if you’re interested to read more.

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