Descending Into The Perfect Blue

Blue Ice, Mer De Glace, France

As we descended into the ice of Mer De Glace there was one thing that struck me more than anything else – the colour. I just couldn’t believe how incredibly blue it was! It’s certainly unlike any ice I’ve seen before. The glacier ice is compacted over an extensive period of time, and so it becomes very dense. This gives it a very different structure to your every-day ice on the street, which just so happens to strongly scatter blue light.

This shot was taken just before entering the glacier. I thought theses crevasses were fascinating! You’ll see some safety fencing toward the top of the shot. Believe it or not this is for the benefit of the (slightly) crazy folk who like to spend their spare time skiing down the glacier. I have to say it looks like fantastic fun, but perhaps a little bit close to impending doom for my liking. They were skiing right by these crevasses, so one false move and you’re in serious trouble!

Have you seen the amazing blue of glacier ice? What did you think of it? Maybe you’ve skied down a glacier?! I’d love to hear from you.

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