Riding Towards The Matterhorn

Matterhorn, Switzerland

Holding a camera out of the small openings provided by cable-cars is not the most comfortable position to be in, especially as they sway back and forth on their journey. Some are better than others at providing larger windows to lean out from, but they are all a bit unstable.

It’s something I always like to try because I think it’s the most interesting way of depicting the journey to the summit. My endeavour to capture said journey very rarely ends in success! I’ve often been left kicking myself for not just sitting back to enjoy the ride.

Whenever I try this kind of shot I’m always paranoid that my camera is going to meet its end with a nasty fall to the depths below. Fortunately on the way to the Klein Matterhorn in Switzerland I had a little more room to work with and managed to capture this moment. It was quite a journey!

Have you ever tried to photograph from a cable-car? Did you find it a challenge? Or maybe it was easy?! Have you visited the Matterhorn? Please get in touch!

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9 thoughts on “Riding Towards The Matterhorn

  1. suej

    Haha… Not easy at all. And I am paranoid about losing camera…so I have always taken shots through the window at the front or back…bit daft when you have good glass in your lens, and you shoot through a less than sparkling window!! 🙂

    1. Ben Post author

      Yeah I have a lot of shots like that too. It just looks like I have a terribly dirty, scratched lense. Every now and then you get one through the glass that you can salvage, but it’s rare!

  2. Max510

    I went quite often skiing to Cervinia, italian side of Cervino-Matterhorn.
    From Plateau Rosà and Klein Matterhorn it seems to be on the top of the world !

    1. Ben Post author

      Sounds great Max! I know what you mean, the views from the Klein Matterhorn are spectacular. I’ve not been skiing up there though, not sure I am fit enough to be doing anything much at that altitude!

  3. Lucy Dodsworth

    It looks so different in the summer! The windows in cable cars are usually terrible but I’ve got a couple of decent shots when there’s a tiny window, but some of my best lift shots are from chairlifts when skiing – you really need to make sure you’ve got the camera firmly gripped though!

    1. Ben Post author

      Shooting from a chairlift sounds like a great idea! I tend to leave everything at home when I go skiing so I’ve not yet been on one with my camera. I can imagine it’s a bit precarious though, a camera isn’t the easiest thing to hold onto if you’re wearing thick ski gloves!


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