A Boat On The Water

Boat, Loch Leven, Scotland

I spotted this boat out on Loch Leven and couldn’t help but snap away. Resting softly on the calm waters against a backdrop of beautiful colours we had come to expect from Scotland, this was a picture-perfect view if ever I’d seen one. It could almost be a painting. Using a handheld point and shoot camera I raced against the sun trying to get the best shot I could while there was enough light left to capture it.

I wonder who has the privilege of taking this boat out and enjoying the loch on a nice summer’s day. Not that I am presuming there are many good weather days up in the north. We were visiting in October and quite lucky to see clear skies. I guess the water isn’t very deep and you just wade out to get in. However I didn’t test my theory! Despite the sunny weather it was still very cold and I was quite happy taking photos from the shore.

With the benefit of hindsight I wish I’d shot lower to the ground. I’d prefer the shorter of the two masts to rise above the horizon of the mountains behind in a similar way to the taller mast. I think that would make for a slightly more interesting composition. Apart from that, I’m pretty happy with the end result given the tools at my disposal!

Where are the best reflections you’ve seen in a natural landscape? Have you ever raced to capture a picture-perfect view before sundown? Please get in touch!

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25 thoughts on “A Boat On The Water

    1. Ben Post author

      Thanks Scott, there are so many spots like this around Scotland as I’m sure you are well aware. Photographers are spoilt for choice!

  1. Cindi

    This winter in the Bergen area, I’ve raced to capture ANY sunshine shots … but usually it’s the sunsets that grab my attention. If my camera isn’t set up on my tripod already, it usually doesn’t happen.

    The photo in this post is wonderful – and as always, your comments with the image add to the viewing experience.

    (I was so glad to see you featured on Freshly Pressed recently!)

    1. Ben Post author

      Thanks Cindi. The Freshly Pressed was certainly a nice surprise to start the year!

      So I guess you are not having much sun in Norway this winter then? It’s much the same in Geneva. We are lucky to have mountains not too far away so often we can get above the clouds.

      1. Cindi

        For five years we lived on the side of one of the mountains that surround Bergen – not as high up as you have experienced, probably, but high enough that often we were above the clouds that settled in the Bergen valley. It’s happened once or twice where we live now, and we’re “only” 100 meters up. I love the feeling of being above those fluffy things (and seeing the sun). I remember walking down “through the clouds.” Surreal. I’ll have to explore your blog – do you have photos of being above the clouds?

        1. Ben Post author

          That sounds fantastic, even at 100 meters! I agree it is quite an incredible feeling, there’s nothing quite like it. Unfortunately I don’t have any shots from above the clouds. It’s only really happened to me in the winter when I’ve been skiing and therefore have left my camera at home. It’s a great shame!

        2. Cindi

          Maybe not a *great* shame – you have the images in your memory, and you might have missed the experience if you were focused on getting “the perfect shot” … but if you ever DO capture that view, I hope you share it on your blog!

        3. Ben Post author

          That’s very true! I hope I do capture it some time. Next time I get up above the clouds with my camera the pictures will be going straight onto the blog 🙂

    1. Ben Post author

      Thanks Jeffrey. Maybe I should have kept quiet about the second mast… But hopefully other people can learn from my mistakes just as I can.

    1. Ben Post author

      Thanks Claire, I’ll count myself even luckier then since I have only visited once! I’d love to get back up there and spend some more time in the area around Glencoe and Loch Leven. I expect it is beautiful regardless of the weather.

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