Feeling The Heat At Dante’s Viewpoint

Dante's View, Death Valley, California

Dante’s Viewpoint was our first stop on a day driving through the lowest and driest part of North America – Death Valley. Looking out over the salt flats of Badwater Basin we were really starting to feel the heat. Little did we know that when we reached the basin itself the temperature would rise to 117°F (47°C). That was certainly something we had never experienced before!

Unfortunately we had a fairly packed itinerary for the day, so didn’t spend as long as I would have liked at the viewpoint. I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to capture its grandeur in a photograph, but I gave it my best shot. I found it difficult to make the compromise between getting some good foreground interest and keeping enough of the basin itself in shot. I need to return with a wider lens!

Have you been to Dante’s Viewpoint? Driven through Death Valley? What’s the highest temperature you’ve ever experienced? I’d love to hear from you!

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13 thoughts on “Feeling The Heat At Dante’s Viewpoint

  1. Heyjude

    I think that is a very good shot. Never been there, but I have experienced very high temperatures in South Africa and Namibia, when you really need a swimming pool 🙂

    1. Ben Post author

      Hi Max! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 55° is unbelievably hot! I guess you were trying to stay in the pool on that day? Looks like you have some great shots from Death Valley. It’s true Dante’s was much cooler than Badwater. I was really surprised how much of a difference there was!

      1. Max510

        Hi Ben ! No, any pool… 😀
        In Italy I live in a very wetland in the north, so the dry hot is not a great problem for me 😉
        I aby for the wet hot !
        Ciao ciao

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  4. janikaberridge

    Hey Ben, do you mind if I link this post to one I will soon write about Death Valley? It is because of you that I ended up stopping at Death Valley, en route to Cali from Nevada. What an amazing view that was! It was really windy at Dante’s View, so we didn’t experience that heat you spoke about, thankfully.

    1. Ben Post author

      Hey! Of course you can link to this post 🙂 I’m so glad you managed to stop at Dante’s View and see Death Valley. And it’s great you discovered it through my blog, thanks for letting me know. It’s one of those unique places that you just can’t forget.

      Did you drive right through? I guess I’ll be able to read about it in your post soon.

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