Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

Sunrise, Phuket, Thailand

Each and every morning we see the beginning of a beautiful new day as the sun rises over the horizon. Or rather, many of us don’t see it because we are still sleeping. I think I can probably count the number of times I have actually seen a sunrise on one hand. Shame on me! So when we decided to take a sunrise tour to Koh Phi Phi in Thailand I was really excited to see what I’d been missing out on all these years.

Not only does this shot mark the beginning of a new day, but also the start of our boat trip to Koh Phi Phi Leh. So I think it’s perfect for this week’s photo challenge. As we rode out onto the water from the Phuket Marina I realised that we would be heading straight into the sunrise for most of the journey. The choppy water made it difficult to get a good shot, but I’m glad I kept my camera out. It was an unforgettable morning and well worth the 5:30am wake up call. But will I be greeting the sunrise on a regular basis now? Probably not!

How often do you make it out of bed in time to see the sunrise? What’s the most unforgettable sunrise you’ve seen? I’d love to hear from you!

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26 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

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  2. xristinamaria

    my most unforgettable sunrise and sunsets? those that made wake up way too early, brave the waters, climb mountains, and yes they’re all worth it 🙂 you got a good one right here!

    1. Ben Post author

      They sound fantastic! I’d love to see a sunrise or sunset from the top of a mountain, I can only imagine it must be an incredible sight. I’ll have to add that to my to do list for this year 🙂

      1. xristinamaria

        not that i’ve climb a lot of mountains, just the resort types 🙂 but i’ve been to Sagada and i hope to scale Mt. Pulag one day. all mountaineer/ missionary friends said the view was worth the pain 🙂

  3. Nancy Power

    Lovely shot Ben! Well worth the early rise. The colours in the sky are beautiful, kind of remind me of a Turner painting (?) and nice contrast with the slightly choppy sea.
    I too very rarely see the sunrise, I am too much of a night owl for that. The only time I actually got up before the sun (and on more than one, count it, occasion) was on holiday in Greece a few years ago. The light was stunning and it was at least the coolest part of the day. I took some photo’s, of course (there are some my in WPC: Horizons), but don’t think I did it justice as I’m no expert like you!

    1. Ben Post author

      Thanks Nancy, it was certainly worth it! I can’t help you on the Turner reference, but I liked the colours too. I should really try and make it up in time during the winter when the sun is late to rise! Greece sounds lovely, I bet you had some nice views over the sea. I’m always amazed at the colours of sunrise and sunset, they are a sight to behold. Not sure I would consider myself an expert though!

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  5. rainbowspinnaker

    Lovely shot, Ben! I hope to go there one day, and of course sail at sunrise. Because the sun rises at 8am in the “winter” in La Cruz in Mexico, I often see the sunrise through the palms and reflecting on the water on my way to 8am yoga at the marina lounge. And sometimes I see spectacular sunrises from out at sea, too, when we’re sailing.

    1. Ben Post author

      That sounds fantastic! It must be great to see the sunrise so often, and in such a beautiful setting. They’re best seen with the sea I think. The sun is coming up at about 8am here in Geneva at the moment, but I’m always getting ready for work. I should really make the effort to get up a little earlier so that I can appreciate it a bit more.

      1. rainbowspinnaker

        Thanks for your response! I have a theory that things slow down right at sunset, and speed up at sunrise, so maybe if you get up a little early you’ll just speed through your morning routine! I agree that sunrise and sunset on the water makes for fabulous viewing and photography. Have you seen the “green flash”?

        1. Ben Post author

          Haha, perhaps! I’ll have to give your theory a try 🙂 No I haven’t seen that, what’s a “green flash”?

        2. rainbowspinnaker

          Right after the sun goes down, there is a green glow. It is rare. Over the ocean it only lasts for a few seconds, thus the “flash”, but when I was living at almost 8000 feet elevation (2500 meters?) I once saw and filmed a green glow that lasted for minutes.

        3. Ben Post author

          Oh that sounds fantastic! I’ve certainly never seen the glow, I’ll have to look out for it next time I’m near the sea. Thanks for the tip 🙂 Whereabouts were you living at 8000ft? And close to the sea?! Sounds like a dream!

        4. rainbowspinnaker

          I was living off-grid near Taos, New Mexico, in northern New Mexico. The mountains, wide-open spaces, and the light are a stunning combination. I have lived many places in my life. I lived on the beach in South Australia a long time ago, and now I live on a sailboat in Mexico. I hope you see a green flash sometime!

        5. Ben Post author

          That sounds incredible, I’d love to tour around the Central US. So many fascinating landscapes. We just don’t see anything of the sort here in Europe! Although we do have some pretty great mountains, just not much desert.

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