How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?

Dog, Bruges, Belgium

While touring the quaint canals of Bruges in Belgium I looked up to see a surprising sight. A curious dog, just peering out of the window as if it was completely normal. Nothing to see here! Just inches between its paws and a few metres fall into the water below. It captured my imagination and made me wonder just what it might be thinking. Whatever the case, it certainly had a good view from where it was sitting!

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13 thoughts on “How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?

  1. bromleypics

    This is a really cool picture and I am really enjoying reading through you’re blog. Being as successful as you clearly are I wondered, if you had the time you perhaps look at some of my new pictures. I am a new budding photographer and would highly appreciate some expert advice!! Haha.

    1. Ben Post author

      Hi Joe, thanks for stopping by šŸ™‚ I certainly wouldn’t consider myself successful! It looks like you’ve made a great start from the shots on your blog. I would just say to shoot as much as possible and experiment with different light. Also to never under-estimate the power of post-processing tools like Lightroom. If you have any more specific questions, just let me know šŸ™‚

      1. bromleypics

        Thanks, I will take that into account.
        One question:
        At the moment I am just using my iPhone to take pictures, shall I buy a camera and if so what type?? Or for now shall I stick to my phone?

        1. Ben Post author

          I would stick with the iPhone for now, unless you have a strong desire to splurge! They take great pictures and are so portable. You definitely don’t need an expensive camera to take amazing photos. Maybe take some time to work out what you like shooting the most – landscapes, portraits, sports etc. This could better inform your decision to buy a more pricey camera.

          If you do want to spend some money I’d look closely at the mirrorless camera market such as the Sony NEX range. They’re smaller, lighter and therefore more convenient than a DSLR.

        2. bromleypics

          Ok that’s really helpful. I will keep my iPhone until I really find myself photography, until then I keep an open mind and carry on as I am šŸ™‚ thanks

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