Winter Trees Of Le Plateau Des Glières

Winter, Plateau des Glières, France

The first snow of the season appeared on the Jura mountain range this week, which means winter is well on its way. One of the great things about living in Geneva is that we’re very close to a whole host of mountains which are perfect for winter sports. Whether you’re into skiing, snowboarding, or just a bit of simple snowshoeing there’s something for everybody.

Last year we’d planned to go snowshoeing for the first time on the Plateau des Glières in France, about a one hour drive from Geneva. But when we arrived all of the snowshoes were already rented out! So we just had to wander around in the shoes we’d turned up in. Not quite snowshoeing, although our feet were definitely covered in the white stuff. It was great fun, the paths were very well groomed and the scenery was fantastic. This shot was taken as we wandered a route around the outside of the plateau. Isn’t there just something quite magical about untouched snow?

Have you ever been snowshoeing? Are you looking forward to the winter sports season? Where do you normally go for your fix of snow?

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5 thoughts on “Winter Trees Of Le Plateau Des Glières

    1. Ben Post author

      Haha, I know what you mean! Although that would ruin the pristine finish of the snow. It’s a tough choice for me! I guess maybe I would take a picture first, and then run through it. Seems like a good compromise.


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