Exploring Le Salève With Friends

La Salève, France

Le Salève is somewhat of a constant looming presence in Geneva. The mountain stands proudly on its own to the south of the city just across the border in France. The summit provides some fantastic lookout points from which to admire the beautiful surroundings.

This weekend just past I was lucky enough to have some friends come and visit. We took a trip to le Salève on Sunday afternoon and discovered some walking paths I didn’t even know existed! After eating the small picnic we’d bought along the way, we started to follow a route up to the observatory. It was pretty steep and slippery with autumn leaves under foot, but the journey was not too strenuous.

There were some fantastic views along the way, and having visited the main viewing station a few times in the past I was excited to see things from a different perspective. This shot was taken as we reached the observatory at the summit, looking out over Geneva towards the Jura mountain range. I can’t wait to get back out there and explore!

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2 thoughts on “Exploring Le Salève With Friends

    1. Ben Post author

      Thanks Jude! It was great to find some foreground interest on the walk we took as I have struggled to find any on prior visits. I’ll definitely be making a trip back up there soon.


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