Geneva At Night: My First Tripod Shot

Rooftops, Geneva, Switzerland

Now that I finally have a tripod, I decided to take some time up on our roof in Geneva and get to know my new toy a little better. I’d been waiting a while to take some night shots up there and was eager to see how they looked. Having never used one before I thought it might be a bit cumbersome, but I actually I had no problems at all. It was much lighter than I was expecting and very flexible from a positioning point of view.

It was so great being able to take some stable shots in the dark! Even if it was a cold night. I’m hoping to get out to Lake Geneva soon and capture the Jet d’eau as it’s lit up in the evening. Now that we’re in winter, owning a tripod opens up a whole 12 hours of the day to photography which were never available to me before. It’s pretty exciting!

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