A Rooftop Sunset Over Geneva

Rooftop Sunset, Geneva, Switzerland

Now that the sun has started to set while I’m still in the office I’m left wishing I had spent a bit more time with the golden hour over the past few months. The sun had disappeared by 17:25 today and it only gets worse over the next few weeks! Is it just me, or is there something quite demotivating about being at work when it’s dark outside?

Fortunately, before the clocks went back an hour in Europe this past weekend nature treated us to a fabulous display of orange. This shot was taken from the roof of our apartment building without a tripod. I rested the camera on the railing around the edge of our roof terrace, but there was still quite a bit of camera shake which I’m not too happy about.

I’m excited to say I now have a tripod with me here in Geneva! So I have no excuses in the future and am looking forward to using it at night. But sadly my only golden hour opportunities will be at weekends now. Unless I make a special effort in the mornings to get out for the sunrise…

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4 thoughts on “A Rooftop Sunset Over Geneva

  1. paulzan

    Great shot – other good vantage points would include the top of the cathedral or, even much better, the top floor of the Intercontinental hotel (not far from the UN) 😉 Enjoy your time in La Cité de Calvin, Ben.

    1. Ben Post author

      Thanks! I’ve been to the top of the cathedral – really fantastic views. Not thought about the intercontinental though, can you get onto the roof? Thanks for the tips 🙂


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