Across The Horse Guards Parade

Horse Guards Parade, London

Looking across the Horse Guards Parade near St James’s Park, this shot was taken while I was visiting London a few weeks back. I’ve really grown to love this style of shot, I think the perspective from the floor is really powerful. I’ve no idea what this building is called, but it houses the Household Cavalry Museum. Maybe that’s the whole building? Who knows!

The parade itself is the location for the famous Trooping of the Colour ceremony, which has been held annually since the 17th century. The ceremony is performed by regiments of the British and Commonwealth armies, and coincides with the official birthday of the British sovereign. The official birthday is when the event is officially celebrated, but not actually the real birth date of the sovereign. So the current Queen’s birthday is 21st April, but her official birthday – when it’s celebrated – is either the first, second or third week of June. Would it be nice to have two birthdays? I’m not so sure!

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4 thoughts on “Across The Horse Guards Parade

  1. Heyjude

    I think her official birthday is 2nd June – and if you get two sets of pressies and cake, then I’ll opt for two birthdays 🙂 Nice perspective btw
    Jude xx


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