Bucket List Publications: An Expat Transformation in Switzerland

Bernese Alps - The path to the Mannlichen (II)

“Slowly but surely I have become more and more enticed by what the world has to offer, eager to explore anywhere and everywhere. My experiences living in a new country have brought travel right to the forefront of my life. I’m always looking forward to the next weekend break, extended vacation or opportunity to get out and explore the local area. I’ve discovered that with enough curiosity and determination, even the streets outside your own front door can feel exotic.”

Earlier this month I was fortunate enough to be approached by Lesley Carter to write a weekly piece for Bucket List Publications. I really believe in the message of the website – that anybody can (and should) partake in a great adventure at home or on their travels. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to contribute towards that and am really excited about the future. Thanks Lesley!

My first post – An Expat Transformation in Switzerland – went live today. Please take a moment and have a read, I’d really appreciate it! I feel like it’s given me the impetus to think about my subject matter in a different way, with less of a focus on photography and more on my experiences travelling and living as an expat in a foreign country. I hope you enjoy the post and look forward to writing many more in the future.

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