A Word A Week Challenge: Ornate

Number 10, Eaux Vives, Geneva

My shot for this week’s challenge was taken on a recent photo walk I went on around my neighbourhood in Geneva, Eaux-Vives. Wandering the streets I spotted this fabulously ornate door number on one of the apartment buildings. Ever since I revisited Yvoire and discovered a passion for shooting architecture and focussing on the smaller details, I’ve resolved to get out and explore as much as possible when I’m at home.

The original shot was much larger than the final result. The main reason being that I was at a slight angle to the door when I hit the shutter. The number 10 was originally in the middle of a much larger shot, and since the pattern around it was symmetrical it was pretty obvious. This forced me to crop the image, but actually I’m much happier with the final result. It reveals some intricate details that weren’t apparent in the larger shot.

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