The Greatest (Firework) Show on Earth

Fêtes de Genève Fireworks

The Fêtes de Genève always goes out with a bang, and this year was no exception. Hundreds of thousands of people from all around descended upon Lake Geneva to witness the firework display to end all firework displays. One thing’s for sure – at the end of the night they did not leave disappointed.

The Scene

The display lasts for a full hour and is one of the most spectacular sights I’ve seen. Apart from a couple of short breaks the fireworks come thick and fast for the entire hour, leaving little time to catch your breath. I can remember 2 years ago when I saw it for the first time I had goosebumps for a rather extended period of time as those little rockets kept shooting up into the air and exploding in magnificent colour.

This year it was no different, the assault on the senses was incredible. The sound of the explosions, the smell of the smoke and the colour of the light combined to create a great sense of wonder. The finale is particularly spectacular, with the famous Jet d’Eau springing to life in unison with the fireworks.

The Shot

We watched the display from the roof of our apartment building. While it wasn’t quite the same as being on the ground looking up at the fireworks, it was nice not to be in the crowd and to have guaranteed a seat. Unfortunately I struggled to get any good photos. The constant stream of fireworks created too many bright flashes and I wasn’t really sure how to handle it, especially without a tripod.

I am a complete novice when it comes to night photography, adding fireworks into the mix makes things even more tricky. However I’m quite pleased with the shot above, with the red fireworks lighting up the surrounding buildings and smoke drifting across the rooftops. I think it captured the scene quite nicely.

Were you one of the many thousands watching the show at the Fêtes de Genève? Do you have any great tips for photographing fireworks? Please share your thoughts!


6 thoughts on “The Greatest (Firework) Show on Earth

    1. Ben Post author

      Hi Melanie! The next display will be some time in August 2015, but I don’t think the date is set yet as we have only just had this year’s festival. It will be on the last weekend of the Fêtes de Genève. If you can stand the number of people around it’s a great time to visit Geneva! 🙂

      1. ifollowislands

        Thanks Ben! I will definitely check it out. I do love a good firework 🙂 Btw, one of the best fireworks I have seen was in Malta at the International Fireworks Festival. If you’re into fireworks then you should definitely visit one day! 🙂


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