Fireworks – Swiss National Day in Geneva

There were so many fireworks going off all around Geneva last night to celebrate Swiss National Day, and fortunately I had a great view from the roof of our building. In the photo above you can see fireworks exploding over St Peter’s Cathedral in the old town of Geneva. No tripod was used for this shot so it’s not as sharp as I’d like, but I did the best with what I had. It’s my first attempt shooting fireworks so I’m pretty happy with it.

Geneva can be a strange place. For most of the year it’s very conservative and quiet but every now and then people go a little crazy. I guess they need to blow off some steam. Swiss National Day is on August 1st every year, and in Geneva it marks the start of a two week festival which I like to think celebrates the summer. Although I’m not sure that’s true, the summer is definitely worth celebrating here. The festival culminates in what has to be one of the greatest firework displays in the world, completely free to the public. The display is next weekend so you’ll see an update from me then, hopefully with some more photos of fireworks.


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